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What is "One Second" all about?

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Who are you?

I am Alison - I am a mother to three beautiful girls, I am passionate about raising safe driving awareness and my husband was killed by a drink driver.
One Second the Story - tells of our last day together and the moments leading up to his death.

What do you do?

One Second Installations - are about presenting information and ideas in a way that engages participants. We want you to take a second to think a new thought, but we also want you to feel something memorable, so that when you are faced with your one second you will think and feel like a safe driver.
Installations are created according to the target audience and setting. Although they all have the same goal and work on similar principles, no two installations are exactly the same.

One Second the Blog - aims to facilitate discussion and help raise awareness of safe driving practices. Most importantly, it is about giving conscious thought to your defining seconds, and making them count.

Where is the next installation?

It could be at a pub, a club, a bar, the local markets, a school, a work place - anywhere there is a group of people and an opportunity for change. We don't give out dates and even the audience is not forewarned. The point of every event is to get people thinking and feeling, and we find expectations get in the way of this process.


If you have any questions or feedback, or would like to arrange a One Second Installation at your business or organisation, you can leave a comment here or email me at aplus3 at people dot net dot au

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Anonymous said...

hi Alison.. I was at charlies the other week and wanted to let you know i went home and booked a holiday with my wife and kids. i take them for granted and i shouldn't. things have been rough with the wife and i lately and i started to think i stopped caring. what a wake up call i got when i heard your story.
anyway just wanted to say thanks mate.


Do you make every second count?
Really make it count?

Does it count for something good?

Mostly, but maybe not always, right?

What if your "one second" of bad,
Became the very last thing a husband ever said to his wife?

Are you willing to risk it?

Or will you take a second to prevent it?

Find out more