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What do you really mean?

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One night, a man goes out for dinner (to a nice flashy restaurant), he has a few wines and insists he is fine to drive home.

He gets behind the wheel.

He takes a corner too fast and drives into another car.

The driver of the other car is killed.

When questioned the man says, "I only had a few drinks. I thought I would be OK to drive. I didn't mean to kill anyone."

One night, a man takes out his gun (a small revolver), he loads 4 bullets into random chambers and closes the cylinder.

He walks outside and points the gun at the first person he sees.

Then he pulls the trigger.

The gun goes off and the other person is killed.

When questioned, the man says, "There were only a few bullets loaded. I thought it would be OK. I didn't mean to kill anyone."

Whether you mean to, or not.
Whether you think it will be OK, or not.
Whether another person is killed, or not.
Choosing to drive drunk is no different to pointing a loaded gun at someone.

Nothing might happen.

Or you might kill someone.

Either way,
It's murder.

It only takes one second.

And it's your choice.

3 thoughts:

Karen said...

That's a tough one. I'm not sure I agree with the comparison, but it sure has me thinking.

Dina said...

I TOTALLY agree with this.

I think it's ridiculous that drunk driving punishment is dependent on the outcome.

I think drunk drivers should be punished based on blood alcohol level and not whether they kill or injure someone.

My sister was hit by a drunk driver. Shes' fairly okay now. That has NOTHING to do with what the driver did or did not do. It was all about luck, type of injury, what doctors were available at the time, general medical care, etc.

What if the drunk driver hadn't hit my sister? What if the police caught him and just gave him a little slap on the wrist? Later he might have gone onto kill someone. Is that what we do...let people continue to drink and drive until they finally murder someone?

Alison said...

Karen - All thought is powerful. Put it to good use, as I'm sure you will.

Dina - I agree that drink driving laws, those relating to consequences especially, are ridiculously inadequate. Being responsible for getting behind the wheel drunk and causing an accident resulting in death means that person is responsible for murder... But laws and sentencing are a LONG way from reflecting this.

That said, I don't think heavier sentencing is the solution. It's the One Second decision they make to drive drunk in the first place that I want to see changed.


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