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One Second for Parents

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Can you answer these questions about your child?

What is their favourite:




Teddy or soft toy:

Item of clothing:

Don't read on until you have all 5...

Got them?


Congratulations - You have all the answers to planning your child's funeral.

It will take you an hour to decide on flowers in your child's favourite colour, and a day and a half to find a florist who can provide them for the service.

Their favourite story - the one you read to your child every night - you will read it to them, for the last time, at their funeral.
It will take you twice as long to get though, because the words will stick in your throat as you fight back the tears.

The song, which goes for 3 and a half minutes, will be played as your child's coffin is lowered into the ground.
You will never again be able to listen to that song all the way through without crying.
Your tears will run longer than 3 and a half minutes.

You will place the teddy that has slept next to your child every night for most of their lives beside them in their coffin.
With their eyes closed peacefully, their head resting on a pillow and their teddy right beside them, they look as though they could just be sleeping.
But they are never going to wake up.

The clothes your child will be buried in are familiar, yet they look somehow strange without life to fill them.
I wonder - did you dress your child for the last time, or was it too much for you to bare?


Which clothes.
Which teddy.
Which song.
Which story.
Which colour.

Are these the choices you want to make for your child?

Or would you rather take one second to think?
One second to drive safely?

One second for life.

7 thoughts:

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

gosh ...that speaks volumes

I have tweeted this ...

Alison said...

Thanks Trish, for your support and for making your seconds count.

Fe said...

Thank you Alison for this moving and thoughtful post.

It's certainly made me think.

Anonymous said...

I would like to include this in the next school newsletter and offer your site withthe credits. I'll email you for permission.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison
I did the driver ed class yesterday and I just want you to know every time I look at my daughter now I get goosebumps and I tell myself I will never put one second of her life at risk again. I thought the class would be standard slap on the wrist stuff but I am so so thankful now because it wasn't.
Many thanks.

Alison said...

Fe - Thank YOU for thinking!

Rhubarb - Absolutely yes! Anything that spreads the thought wave.

Anonymous - Congratulations on becoming a life saver, my friend! On behalf of myself and my daughters, thank you.

Steff said...

I followed a recomendation from the planning queen that i read your blog and i am so glad i did - I have some bad habbits when i drive - and i am always driving with my two little girls - I am going to use this post to make a visual reminder with those 5 things, laminate it and post it on my dashboard - never again!!
Thankyou so much


Do you make every second count?
Really make it count?

Does it count for something good?

Mostly, but maybe not always, right?

What if your "one second" of bad,
Became the very last thing a husband ever said to his wife?

Are you willing to risk it?

Or will you take a second to prevent it?

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